Owner-Managed Business

How to design a best-in-class business with a sustainable competitive advantage:

  • Design your start-up
  • Reposition an existing business
  • Build a national platform
  • Evaluate the purchase of an existing business or franchise
  • Prepare your exit from your business

“The vast majority of business leaders are skilled with their product or service, few have ever been taught how to build a business and end up failing.”

Our Approach


For the owner-manager, the business design is a journey of discovery. The process never stops because the market place and competitive landscape changes constantly.

Don’t design a company that looks like your competition.

Innovate the business around your products and services.


People who both own and operate a business are unique. As an owner-manager, you are a leader. Running your business you lead your family, your employees, customers, investors, lenders and even your competition.

An Organized Approach

Although the product or service is very important, success in business and alternatively, failure is often the result of how well the business has been designed and executed.

Business design encompasses marketing, sales, production and/or service delivery, cost containment, corporate governance, people strategies, and technology.


We seek to empower you so that you are in more control and others are not controlling you.

Businesses Designed:

Restaurants*Food Processing*Hotels and Hostels*IT Consulting*Law Firms*On-line Specialty Retailers*Environmental Engineering Firms* Energy Exploration and Production*Construction*Political Fund Raising*Bio-Technology*Eco-Tourism*Industrial Chemicals*Drug Therapies*Eco-Friendly Car Washes*Music School*Counseling Services*Sports Psychology*Not-For-Profits*Social Entrepreneurship*Technology Products*Software*Social Clubs* Sports Talent Management*Marketing Firms*Travel Agencies*Insurance Agencies*Multi-Family Property Management”Independent Consultants and many others in retail, distribution, manufacturing and service industries worldwide.  

Includes companies ranging from pre-startup to those with $500 million in assets and operating coast-to-coast.