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“Introduction To How To Design A Best-In-Class Business With A Sustainable Competitive Advantage”

Best-In-Class companies know that their product or services alone, will not determine their ultimate success as a business.

Products and services come and go, evolve, change, etc. The best companies know that building and maintaining the “engines” for revenue generation, production and service delivery and firm development are the most important things upon which to focus.

We empower you to build these “engines” so that you can drive as much activity through them as you desire. We show you how to identify and exploit the key forces that influence the competitive landscape in which your business operates.

We empower you to design your business to create sustainable competitive advantages.

Among the concepts covered are:

          How do the best run companies reduce pricing pressure?

          How do they gain more customers and increase the value of their companies more than their competitors?

          And many more.